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What We Should Know about Low Carb Diet Plan

low carb diet planLow Carb Diet Plan

Now we will learn whether low carb diet plan is available for pregnancy female or not.

Low carb diet plan is a diet method or manner by maintaining the body’s intake of carbohydrates consumed. So far we know that carbs are the same as with bread , rice , and cassava. But only a few know that carbohydrates which are suitable for the diet is : in whole wheat , oatmeal , almonds , hazelnuts , walnuts , sweet potatoes , red beans , soybeans , peas , and even beans. Here we will explain why these foods fit into the category of low carb diet plan. Low carb diet plan carbohydrates are organic compounds , which are contained as a primary energy source as well as foods that contain fiber. There are two kinds of carbohydrates , simple carbohydrates and the complex carbohydrates. Carbohydrates  which are beneficial for pregnancy and diet ( low carb diet plan) is a complex carbohydrate. This time we will discuss about the complex carbohydrates. To understand the complex carbohydrates more detailed and clear , we should discuss carbohydrates first.

Low carb diet plan

Carbohydrates ( complex and simple ) is divided into oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. General difference between oligosaccharides with polysaccharides are : oligosaccharides is sweet, and it was referred to sugar , while the polysaccharide does not have a sweet taste but has a variety of benefits.


Oligosaccharides are sugars composed by several monosaccharide molecules. Various oligosaccharides are distinguished by the number of molecules that compose ( monosaccharides ) : ( 1 ) disaccharide , a sugar compound that is composed of two monosaccharide molecules. ( 2 ) trisakarida , namely sugar compound consisting of three molecules of monosaccharides. ( – ) tetrasakarida , namely sugar compound that consists of four monosaccharide molecules created. Oligosaccharides, we know as sugar because it tastes sweet. Properties of oligosaccharides = easily soluble in water , and it was sweet.


polysaccharide is a sugar compound that is composed of hundreds of monosaccharide molecules ( about 300 pieces of monosaccharide molecules ) and merged with the glucoside bond. Properties of polysaccharides = do not have a sweet taste , difficult to dissolve in water and if it dissolves , it will form a kolloid solution ( kolloid is a mixture of a substance with a homogeneous media. so it form a homogeneous mixture that looks real but is not homogeneous. When observed with ultra microscope, kolloid mixture can still distinguishable into constituent particles. Mixture like this is called kolloid ). Polysaccharides can be divided into three kinds , namely as building materials ( eg cellulose and chitin ) , food ( eg glycogen and starch ) , and material / specific substances ( eg substances heparin ).

Low carb diet plan

Complex carbohydrates as a low carb diet plan
what is a complex carbohydrate ? Complex carbohydrate is compounds which is composed of three or more sugar molecules. Complex carbohydrates are composed of mostly rich in fiber, vitamins , and minerals, making it suitable for low carb diet plan. Because of the complex structure , the digestive system of our body takes longer time to digest the complex carbohydrates perfectly. It differs from simple carbohydrates ( such as sugar ) which are easily and quickly digested by the body. Due to the length of digestion time , the complex carbohydrates will increase the blood sugar levels slowly. It differs from simple carbohydrates that will increase the blood sugar levels in a short time and significant. Just as simple carbohydrates , complex carbohydrates is a significant energy source for the body and is suitable and recommended for low carb diet plan program.

Low carb diet plan

complex carbohydrates suitable for low carb diet plan.
What kind of low carb diet menu that are useful as a source of complex carbohydrates ? Nutritional food containing complex carbohydrates are: whole wheat bread , whole wheat ( good for the diet ) , beans ( kidney beans , chickpeas , soybeans , peas ) , oatmeal ( its low glycemic index so it is good for the diet ) , raw vegetables ( has high fiber , and nutrients still intact ) , nuts and seeds ( almonds , hazelnuts , and walnuts ) , and sweet potato ( rich of fiber , vitamin c , and potassium ). Sweet potatoes require a long time to be digested by our bodies so that our blood sugar levels will be more stable. That is why we include these foods into the category of low carb diet plan.

Low carb diet plan is available for pregnancy female.

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