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The Importance of Beta Carotene Vitamin A

Beta Carotene Vitamin AWhat is the difference between Beta Carotene and Vitamin A ? There is no difference between them . Beta carotene is Vitamin A. Or rather : Vitamin A is a result of beta carotene conversion. This conversion process occurs in the human body . Beta carotene can be found in all orange / yellow / green vegetables , potatoes , carrots , pumpkin , spinach , broccoli , asparagus , cabbage , leaf lettuce , mustard greens , yellow squash , tomatoes , potatoes , sweet potatoes , watermelon , apricots , liver , egg yolks , cheese , and milk .

Beta Carotene Vitamin A

The Benefits of Beta Carotene Vitamin A :
• To treat disorders of the eye
• Prevents night blindness
• Establish visual purple in the eye
• Assist in the growth and development of bones , teeth , and reproduction
• Assist in the forming and maintenance of healthy hair , skin , and mucous membranes
• Shaping the body’s defense against respiratory infections
• To treat boils , acne , impetigo , and wound
• Helps to control glaucoma
• As an antioxidant which is good to keep from the effects of smoke pollution
• Assist and accelerate the healing process
• Boost the immune system
• Assist the process of wound healing

When a deficiency of Beta Carotene Vitamin A , it could lead to the occurrence of xerophthalmia in pregnant women at risk of developing anemia , and infant growth to be slow .

Beta Carotene Vitamin A

We recommend that each person provide for Beta Carotene Vitamin A in order to avoid diseases and other health problems . However some of us usually pay less attention to this matter . At least we need to know the signs of people who need Beta Carotene Vitamin A so we can know when and how we should start taking the intake of Beta Carotene Vitamin A . The signs are : people who consume alcohol and drugs , people who suffer from fever , people who are in a state of prolonged stress , people who completed from surgery , people suffering from injuries , people who are malnourished , children who are malnourished and often sick .

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